Data center management is a complex task that requires strong attention involving the management of hardware, software, and other infrastructures to provide a seamless customer experience.

The data centers should be well equipped with an uninterrupted power supply, cooling systems, and a favorable environment. Since data center stores and processes hundreds of trillions of data at a time, the smart management of storage device is important. These storage devices should be well organized and secured with software security.

Aclix is a well-known Data Management Service provider helping in maintenance and capacity planning that helps data center owners to plan and take a decision for current and future needs. We offer the latest data center management technology solutions that help operate data centers efficiently and securely.

DC lift and shift Migration

Aclix offers cost-saving lift and shift migration services that are required to modernize your applications and workflow.

Structured cabling Supply and Installation

For lightning-speed data transfer through a data cable network, Aclix offers structured cabling supply and installation services that has negligible attenuation.

Inter rack cabling Supply and Installation

Outsource us for the best quality inter rack cabling supply and installation for all-time storage devices connectivity in the rack.

Active and Passive components

We provide standard quality active and passive components for data centers that are reliable, efficient, and consume less energy.

Racks, Rack PDU, IBMS, HVAC, MEP Services

Aclix’s data center maintenance solutions come with high-quality racks, rack PDU, IBMS, and HVAC including MEP services.

Stainless steel cage and mild steel cage

To protect the storage devices and organize data center infrastructures we offer choices picked stainless steel cages and mild steel cages.

DC build and Turnkey projects

Consult our experts for DC build and Turnkey projects for building reliable data centers along with the network and infrastructure design.