Aclix is a professional infrastructure management service provider. Boarded with industry experts our main focus is on truly understanding our client’s requirements and providing customized infrastructure management services with our cutting-edge technology to meet their IT goals.

With our commitment to providing quality service through various technological solutions to our clients, Aclix always believes in the funda of progressing together.

Our innovative ideas on networking, security, data backup, data storage, cloud services, OEM support, etc make the services feasible.

Networking and security

Our promising networking and security services will always uphold your business as per the latest data management industry trends.

Windows, Oracle and SQL

Considering the industry demands Aclix offers technology solutions using technologies like Windows, Oracle, and SQL. For the client’s all technology solutions in a single package.

Backup and Storage

Aclix is helping big data processing companies to safely back up and store their data without any hassle.

NOC, SOC, Ticketing Tools

Our technological tools help to deal with the issues correctly and suggest corrections in the right way.

All Assessment

For any network issues, we have our in-house experts ready for a detailed network and security assessment, and vulnerability assessment.

OEM support

Aclix is specialized in providing Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) Support to clients from various industry domains.

Unix and Solaris

Aclix also offers services to IT solutions including Unix and Solaris operating systems.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing is one of the major IT technologies, our unique cloud services facilitate the flow of user data fast and securely.


The data centers process a tremendous amount of data in real-time and may be venerable to attacks. We at Aclix have developed different approaches to Incident Management, Change Management, and Problem Management.